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How does Sue always score the hottest deals? How can her Cellphone Plan, Car Insurance, New Vehicle, and anything she buys cost so much less than what I pay?

You guessed it. She’s been using ijUSTPAiD!

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What is ijustpaid?

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If you've got questions, we've got the answers you're looking for!

  • What is iJustPaid?
    ijUSTPAiD is a unique deal-sharing platform. It was born out of the need to help people (like you and me) find & share the greatest bargains they’ve scored with other like-minded, hard-working individuals.

    Today, you could be looking for Car Insurance or Family Mobile Phone Plan. Tomorrow, it could be a New Vehicle or a Dishwasher. The sky is the limit when everyone pitches in with their unique deals.
  • How do I go about finding those amazing deals?
    Searching for Deals has never been easier! Just follow the steps indicated below:

    1. Start by entering any key words into the Search field located at the top of the Search Screen.
    2. Locate the Deal you are keen on learning more about and Tap on it.
    3. You will then be taken to the Deal Post itself where you can view all Deal details, including where and when the item or service was purchased and even who the Sales Person was (as long as the Poster took the time to enter this data).

    All set! Sit back and enjoy your savings with ijUSTPAiD and our tight-knit community of like-minded people.
  • Why should I post the deals I get on the app?
    Sharing is caring. The more people pitch in with their phenomenal bargains, the sooner the community will grow. Our goal is to build a one-stop platform for honest reviews & sizeable discounts that will boost your savings account & happiness level.
  • Why do I need to upload an invoice/receipt for my deal?
    Transparency is crucial. Invoices and receipts allow our community to build trust in each other through real-life honest data. They also contain all relevant details about your deal, so it makes it easier for everyone to follow your steps in scoring the hottest deal out there.

    We do, however, recommend that you disguise all sensitive information (credit card number or ID details).
  • Who will be seeing the information I'm posting?
    All of our trusted community members.
  • How do I contact the publisher of the deal if I have any questions about their post?
    You can comment under the deal you’re interested in & ask for more details.
  • What's the purpose of the Thumbs-up and Thumbs-down buttons in the post?
    When you give someone the thumbs-up, it means that you are a fan of their deal and you approve of the details in the post.

    You can use the thumbs-down to help us zero in on any suspicious activity, inappropriate content, or posts that don’t clearly lay out the details of the deal being shared. We will then promptly investigate the post and take it out if it violates our community standards.
  • What if I see people posting fake or misleading deals?
    We encourage you to give them the thumbs-down and immediately report them to us. We take pride in the transparency of our app. Our goal is to build a safe community and we cannot do it without your help.
  • How do I know I've posted enough details about my deal?
    The more information you provide, the more helpful it will be for other community members. Think of what details you would like to see when shopping for deals and add all of them on your own post. No deal is too big or too small!
  • What can I do to ensure other people are able to get the same deal on a product/service I just purchased?
    Try to include as many details as possible. For example, putting down the salesperson’s name and phone number will be of tremendous value.
  • How do I thank a poster for the deal they posted?
    Simply give them the thumbs-up and and send them a “Cheers!” under the post's Comments section

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